Polo Grounds

Four ballparks were known as the Polo Grounds in New York, dating back as early as the 1800s. They were the home of three New York teams for more than fifty years. The Giants played there in 1883, and the Mets followed after. The last game at the first Polo Grounds was played by the Giants in 1888. The first Giants game at the second Polo Grounds was played in 1889, with the last game being played there in 1890. From there, the Giants moved to Brotherhood Park, which was renamed the Polo Grounds, and the first game took place there in 1891. It burned to the ground in 1911, and the final Polo Grounds were built. The Giants and the Dodgers who played there moved to California in 1957, and the Mets moved in while their new stadium was being built for the 1962 - 1963 season. In 1964, the Polo Grounds were demolished.

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Polo Grounds Illustration by the Graphic Edge

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